Resolution to Support UA 32 Bargaining in Seattle

January 18, 2023

WHEREAS, prior to January 2022, UA Local 32 has negotiated with the Coalition of City Unions (CCU) for new agreements with the City of Seattle (City)

WHEREAS, the City and the CCU commenced bargaining for a new agreement (for 2022) in July of 2021

WHEREAS, in December of 2021, the CCU individual unions voted to accept a 1-year proposal from the City

WHEREAS, on December 9th, 2021, a majority of the UA Local 32 bargaining unit employees of the City voted to reject the proposed 1-year agreement based on internal wage inequities, external market wage inequities, and the increased cost of living in the greater Seattle area

WHEREAS, the CCU, City, and UA Local 32 acknowledged that UA Local 32 was out of the CCU and bargaining on their own with the City for a new agreement

WHEREAS, the agreement between the City and UA Local 32 expired on December 31st, 2021, and UA Local 32 has continued in good faith to negotiate with the City of Seattle for a new agreement beyond December 31st, 2021

WHEREAS, On October 17th, 2022, the bargaining unit members voted to reject a last and final 1-year proposal from the City which represented no change from the previously rejected 1-year proposal

WHEREAS, the City continues to be understaffed due to failed recruitments for UA Local 32 represented positions causing much disruption within the bargaining unit

WHEREAS, the parties met to negotiate on November 14th, 2022, UA Local 32 made a proposal, and the City responded that they will not be prepared to meet to continue negotiations until April of 2023

WHEREAS, the City has required considerable time in between bargaining sessions thereby extending the process and

WHEREAS, the City’s inability to have decision-makers at the bargaining table causes significant delays to the process and

WHEREAS, the City is proposing that future bargaining occur using a coalition format and

WHEREAS, UA Local 32 will not be bullied to not independently exercise their full bargaining rights on behalf of the bargaining unit members and 

WHEREAS, the City is not acting in good faith by appearing to bargain but causing lengthy delays and limiting UA Local 32’s future bargaining rights 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, MLK Labor will send a letter to the City of Seattle Council, the Director of Labor Relations, and the mayor, in support of UA Local 32 bargaining unit members and requesting that the City of Seattle expedite the process and recognize the bargaining rights and obligations of UA Local 32 on behalf of the members

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, MLK Labor will demand the City of Seattle engage in good faith bargaining, not surface or piecemeal bargaining, and recognize the important and essential functions performed by the UA Local 32 bargaining unit members for the citizens of Seattle.

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