Buy Union

Want to support unionized workers in King County?

Here’s are links to help get you started.


  • Fred Meyer (UFCW 3000)
  • Safeway (UFCW 3000)
  • QFC (UFCW 3000)
  • PCC Markets (UFCW 3000)
  • Metropolitan Market (UFCW 3000)
  • Uwajimaya (UFCW 3000)
  • Red Apple (UFCW 3000)
  • Central Co-op (UFCW 3000)
  • Haggen (UFCW 3000)
  • Saar’s Market Place (UFCW 3000)
  • Bavarian Meats (UFCW 3000)
  • Cap Foods (UFCW 3000)
  • Don & Joe’s Market – Pike Place Market (UFCW 3000)
  • Farmhouse Market – Fall City (UFCW 3000)
  • KC Foods Thriftway (UFCW 3000)
  • Kings Command Foods (UFCW 3000)
  • The Markets, LLC (UFCW 3000)
  • Town & Country / Central Market (UFCW 3000)
  • Vashon Thriftway (UFCW 3000)
  • VI Retail Vashon Market Fresh IGA (UFCW 3000)
  • West Seattle Thriftway (UFCW 3000)


  • Ballard Plaza Pharmacy (UFCW 3000)
  • Bartell Drugs (UFCW 3000)
  • Byrnie Utz Hats (UFCW 3000)
  • C.C. Filsons Company (UFCW 3000)
  • Del-Teet Furniture (UFCW 3000)
  • Duty Free Americas, Inc. (UFCW 3000)
  • Dufry North America, LLC  (Host) (UFCW 3000)
  • Fred Meyer (UFCW 3000)
  • Hudson News Company (UFCW 3000)
  • Kent Valley Optical (UFCW 3000)
  • Lafferty’s Pharmacy (UFCW 3000)
  • Macy’s (UFCW 3000)
  • Macy’s Furniture Gallery (UFCW 3000)
  • Medical Center Pharmacy (UFCW 3000)
  • Ostrom’s Drugs (UFCW 3000)
  • Rite Aid (UFCW 3000)
  • Sand Point Pharmacy/Katterman’s (UFCW 3000)
  • Woodside Braseth Gallery (UFCW 3000)


  • Have a Heart (UFCW 3000)

Hotels: UNITE HERE Local 8 keeps an up-to-date list of union hotels in King County.

  • The Edgewater (Seattle) – 206-728-7000
  • Embassy Suites Pioneer Square (Seattle) – 206-859-4400
  • Hilton Seattle – 206-624-0500
  • Washington Athletic Club (Private) – (206) 622-7900
  • The Westin Seattle – 206-728-1000
  • Doubletree Hotel Seattle Airport – 206-439-6105
  • Hilton Seattle Airport and Conference Center – 206-244-4800
  • Red Lion hotel Seattle Airport – 206-246-5535


  • Homegrown
  • Relish Burger and Bistro at the Westin Seattle (UNITE HERE 8)
  • Six Seven at the Edgewater, Pier 67 (UNITE HERE 8)
  • Top of the Hilton and Lobby Lounge at the Seattle Hilton Downtown (UNITE HERE 8)
  • Zephyr Bar at the Embassy Suites Pioneer Square (UNITE HERE 8)
  • Spencer’s Steaks & Chops at the Hilton SeaTac (UNITE HERE 8)
  • Coffee Garden and Seaports at the Double Hotel (UNITE HERE 8)
  • Starbucks within Fred Meyer, Safeway and QFC (UFCW 3000)

Musicians: To find a union musician, contact Local 76-493: https://local76-493.org/


  • UAW: Guide to products made by UAW members.

Other links:

  • Grays Harbor Stamp Works: 100-year-old union company specializing in union-made promotional products
  • 100% Union Hawaiian Coffee: Support the Foundation for Working Families (formed to help union members in need of help for hardship or disaster relief) by purchasing coffee that is union made from tree to pot by ILWU Local 142 workers.
  • Graphic Communications Union Website: Search by zip code for a union print shop near you!
  • Union Plus is the union source for many services, including auto needs, insurance, legal services, real estate, health products, and much more. Check out the site for a complete list of the benefit programs to which your particular union subscribes.
  • Union Vacations will hook you up with fabulous vacation plans and packages and steer you to union-staffed hotels — all at very competitive prices. All employees are represented by Teamsters Local 150.
  • Union Jean Company: Their goal is to provide customers with higher quality, American-made garments. If every American cared enough to buy just one garment made in the USA per year, the impact would be nearly $9 billion!
  • Allusaclothing.org: American-made clothing, embroidery and promotional items from members of UAW Local 174.
  • Union Home Services: A real estate organization based in Washington State that provides benefits to union members, their children and parents nationwide. By using their services, anyone buying or selling a home can receive a 20% rebate of the realtor’s portion of the commission.

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