Resolution to Oppose I-2124

April 18, 2024

WHEREAS, 70 percent of us will need long-term care at some point in our lives, but most of us aren’t prepared to cover the costs without significant financial burden, and 

WHEREAS, WA Cares, our long-term care benefit will grow union jobs in Washington and provide a safety net as we age; and 

WHEREAS, if I-2124 passes, 85 percent of working Washingtonians will lose their long-term care benefits and be left to pay out of pocket for care, drain their savings to qualify for Medicaid, or be left at the mercy of big for-profit insurance companies that routinely delay or deny coverage, charge women more for coverage than men and drastically increase premiums – even on retirees; and

WHEREAS, lawmakers have made big improvements to WA Cares to ensure near-retirees can access pro-rated benefits and that people who move out of state can keep their benefits; and 

WHEREAS, I-2124 is one of three initiatives being pushed by hedge fund millionaire Brian Heywood and MAGA Republican Party chair Jim Walsh, who specifically attacking labor unions with I-2124, charging that the state’s long-term care program is a scam by “union bosses” and also backed by the WA Bankers Association, the BIAW, the WA Retail Association, and other multi-millionaire wealth fund managers; and

WHEREAS, I-2124 is opposed by a growing list of leaders and organizations, including SEIU 925, Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action, Casa Latina, MS Society, Physicians for Social Responsibility, AFT Washington, UFCW 3000, SEIU 775, Planned Parenthood, and more; now, therefore

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that MLK Labor recommends an endorsement of the No on I-2124 campaign to statewide COPE. DON’T TAKE AWAY WASHINGTON’S LONG-TERM CARE BENEFITS. 

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