Standing Committees:

MLK Labor occasionally establishes committees, task forces, and workgroups to work on specific issues outside of the regular board and delegate meetings. Below is a list of committees that are currently meeting and how you can get involved as a delegate.

Racial Justice Task Force:

The Racial Justice Task Force was established from a resolution passed at the November 2020 delegate meeting with the purpose of developing an anti-racist analysis of the Labor Council and the labor movement and developing recommendations. The task force is co-chaired by Ligaya Domingo (SEIU Healthcare 1199NW) and MLK Labor President Dustin Lambro (UFCW 3000).

Members of the Racial Justice Task Force are:

  • Eunice How (Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance/Unite Here 8)
  • Cherika Carter (Washington State Labor Council/Coalition of Black Trade Unionists)
  • Gabriel Prawl (A. Philip Randolph Institute/ILWU Local 52)
  • Paul Thompson (A. Philip Randolph Institute/Laborers 242)
  • Joe Mizrahi (UFCW 3000)
  • Karen Estevenin (PROTEC17)
  • Vallerie Fisher Robinson (Seattle Education Association)
  • Marsha Botzer (National Writers Union Local 1981)
  • Zenia Javalera (SEIU 6)
  • Indira Trejo (UFCW 3000)
  • Sean Bagsby (IBEW 46)
  • Katie Garrow (MLK Labor/Laborers 242)
  • Shaunie Wheeler (Teamsters Joint Council #28)

Committee on Political Education (COPE):

COPE is the name for our program for delegates to interview candidates for office and make recommendations for endorsements. No current COPE events are scheduled. This committee is chaired by Chris Lampkin (SEIU Healthcare 1199NW).

Port Unions Coalition:

Unions with members at the Port of Seattle meet regularly to discuss Port-related matters. Please contact charles@mlklabor.org if you are with a Port Union and would like to attend a Port Unions meeting.


Constituency Groups

Our Labor Council is a diverse and inclusive family of working people. We advocate for all workers. Our constituency groups address the challenges that workers from diverse backgrounds face. These groups reach out to the communities they serve, build solidarity, help out with organizing efforts and ensure full participation in our movement.

A. Philip Randolph Institute:

APRI is an alliance between labor and the civil rights movement. Today, it fights for racial equality and economic justice. It is represented on the MLK Labor Board by Paul Thompson of Laborers 242. You can contact APRI Seattle at contact@apriseattle.com or  (253) 886-8129. Meetings are every 4th Monday at 6 pm.

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance:

APALA is the nation’s first national organization of AAPI workers. It focuses on advancing worker, immigrant, and civil rights. It is represented on the MLK Labor Board by Ligaya Domingo of SEIU Healthcare 1199NW.

Coalition of Black Trade Unionists:

CBTU is an independent voice for black workers within the labor movement. It is represented on the MLK Labor Board by Claude Burfect of WFSE Local 341.

Coalition of Labor Union Women:

CLUW unifies union women to face shared concerns. The coalition focuses on action on issues important to women workers. For information about how to get involved, please contact Kevin Allen at kingcountycluw2.0@gmail.com. Meetings are on the second Thursday of each month at 6 pm.

Labor Council for Latin American Advancement:

LCLAA represents 2 million Latino workers. The council organizes working people to protect their rights and expand the influence of Latinos. It is represented on the MLK Labor Board by Indira Trejo of UFCW 21. LCLAA meets on the second Tuesday of the month via Zoom.

People can contact LCLAA at info@lclaapnw.com and find more information at https://lclaa.app.neoncrm.com/np/clients/lclaa/membershipJoin.jsp

Pride At Work:

Pride@Work brings together the labor movement and the LGBTQ community in pursuit of social and economic justice. It is represented on the MLK Labor Board by Mike Andrew of UAW 1981. For more information, please contact Mike Andrew at msand76@hotmail.com.

Washington Alliance for Retired Americans:

WSARA is a statewide nonprofit organization with over 90,000 members that unites affiliate organizations, retired workers, and community groups to win social and economic justice. It is represented on the MLK Labor Board by Don Bennett of Lettercarriers 79.

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