Resolution to Support the Renton Minimum Wage Campaign

March 15, 2023

WHEREAS, raising the minimum wage stabilizes the low-wage labor market, improves job satisfaction, decreases the need for a second or third job, and;

WHEREAS, Renton City Council will not adopt the proposal as written and will not place the measure directly on the ballot in the foreseeable future, and;

WHEREAS, King County council is considering an increase to the minimum wage in unincorporated King County as more cities are successful in these endeavors, and;

WHEREAS, if non-unionized workers see that unions support improved wages and working conditions for ALL workers, regardless of affiliation, we can further build working class power, and; 

WHEREAS, rent control is not yet legal in WA and inflation, especially the cost of housing, is hitting working families harder each day, and;

WHEREAS, the Raise the Wage Renton campaign is being led by delegates from MLK Labor who are training and mobilizing low-wage workers to understand working-class struggle and the value of unionism, and;

WHEREAS, we must use all tools and tactics available to us in order to achieve economic justice, including ballot measures; 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the MLK Labor Council will promote volunteer signature gathering events using existing communication channels.

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