April 16, 2020

Resolution to Recruit Union Members for Local Political Leadership (PCO)


WHEREAS, Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) in the Democratic Party are the grassroots building block of the party, and

WHEREAS, PCOs comprise local and state parties; and

WHEREAS, the local and state parties, and the Democratic National Committee, take positions on policy priorities important to the labor movement by way of party platforms; and

WHEREAS, the local and state parties, as well as the DNC, recommend and endorse candidates who enact said policies; and

WHEREAS, the parties’ respective platforms are stronger on issues important to our movement when they are influenced by Union members; and

WHEREAS, legislation passed at city halls or in Olympia and Washington, DC is stronger when guided by our principles; and

WHEREAS, the local Democratic party (King County Democrats) has actively sought the partnership and participation of MLK Labor in its programming; and

WHEREAS, the party has engaged in a PCO recruitment effort since the beginning of the year to fill over a thousand vacant PCO seats; and

WHEREAS, thousands of Union members across our county vote in and live in said precincts; and

WHEREAS, neither the Republican Party, nor any other registered political party has proposed the same partnership with MLK Labor;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that MLK Labor work with affiliates to identify members in vacant precincts to help fill empty PCO positions in 2020; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that MLK Labor will promote the campaign through communication channels and implement programming with members.

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