Resolution to Create “Union Families for the Common Good” Caucus at MLK Labor

April 23, 2021

WHEREAS, the Seattle Public School district touches hundreds of thousands of families, including Union households, spread across the entire city in each and every neighborhood; and 

WHEREAS, like all district residents, every Union family who sends their child to school expects they will be kept safe and taken care of while in the custody of others; and

WHEREAS, like all district residents, Union families expect that the people who work with their children all day, from the AM bus driver to the after-school childcare provider and everyone in between, have strong wages and benefits to support their own families; and

WHEREAS, like all district residents, Union families expect that the Seattle School District takes seriously and work boldly to advance equity in education for workers and students alike by making sure every learner has a chance to succeed, and that wages and benefits for workers in education close existing gender and racial pay gaps, not continue to further them; and

WHEREAS, Union households are uniquely positioned to understand collective action in support of the workers who work with their children; and now

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that MLK Labor will convene a “Union Families for the Common Good” Caucus to help foster communication and support between those Unions who provide trades and services to Seattle Public schools as well as services to Seattle Public Schools students and families including, but not limited to, educators, nurses, bus drivers, construction workers, custodians, and childcare providers. We understand that the power of Union households is amplified by the voices of others in the community who share our values. 

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