Resolution To Convene a Table Regarding King County Ordinance 2023.0053

October 18, 2023

WHEREAS, the proposed Washington State King County Ordinance 2023.0053 addresses issues related to the environment, health, climate, and community impacts of activities at King County International Airport/Boeing Field; and

WHEREAS, a collaborative approach is essential to comprehensively address the concerns of both labor and the community; and

WHEREAS, the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA), International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) District 751 and Teamsters Local Union 174 are committed to fostering relationships with the community and ensuring the well-being of both labor and the public;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that The passage of Washington State King County Ordinance 2023.0053 should be postponed. During this postponement period, concerted efforts will be made to build strong relationships with the community to facilitate open and inclusive dialogue on the ordinance’s impacts. The Martin Luther King County Labor Council (MLK CLC) will mediate meetings between stakeholders, including representatives from labor and the community, to facilitate constructive discussions and address concerns on both sides. The labor unions, including SPEEA, IAM 751 and Teamsters 174, express their primary concern regarding job sustainability and growth, emphasizing the importance of preserving and expanding employment opportunities. There is a recognition of the need for sustainability at King County International Airport/Boeing Field, understanding that this translates into upholding deliveries, and quality union jobs. Concerns are raised about the possibility of overstepping the Roundtable’s authority to make impactful decisions regarding the port, and a commitment is made to respect the established decision-making processes.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, The Martin Luther King County Labor Council (MLK CLC) firmly advocates for the preservation of labor’s vital role in addressing issues pertaining to airport operations, development, and the employment opportunities linked to the airport, while opposing any endeavors aimed at diminishing the impactful presence of labor.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, The importance of King County International Airport/Boeing Field to the local economy is recognized, with the airport supporting a significant number of jobs and contributing billions to the economy annually.

The unique role of the airport as one of the nation’s busiest primary non-hub airports is acknowledged, serving various aviation needs, including small commercial passenger airlines, cargo carriers, private aircraft owners, helicopters, corporate jets, and military and other aircraft.

This resolution is adopted with the intention of fostering collaboration, understanding, and inclusivity between labor, the community, and other stakeholders to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of King County International Airport/Boeing Field.

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