Resolution on MLK Labor Affiliated Locals Supporting Strategic Organizing

April 21, 2021

WHEREAS, If the labor movement is to survive we must organize strategically in ways that build power for workers.

WHEREAS, Industry expertise, representational density within an industry, and power within certain employers lead to better contracts and enforcement for workers and ultimately opens up pathways to more organizing.

WHEREAS, Each union develops its culture, power, and representation over years of struggle.

WHEREAS, Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, unions have worked tirelessly to ensure that the work of their members is safe.

WHEREAS, MLK Labor recognizes in our own bylaws the importance of labor expertise by designating trade sections, so unions may share, support, and collaborate where needed.  

WHEREAS, MLK Labor recognizes and respects that the regulatory power to internally adjudicate and resolve jurisdictional disputes resides with the national AFL-CIO and other unions, which are governed by their bylaws and constitutions.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED That MLK Labor will encourage its affiliated unions to share their organizing history, accomplishments, and strategic planning as a result of that organizing.  

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED That MLK Labor will convene a workgroup to discuss how to remove barriers to organizing and develop a framework for strategic organizing, and emphasizing the importance of respecting picket lines throughout King County.

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