Resolution on Freight Mobility in Seattle

October 18, 2023

WHEREAS, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 19 represents a diverse and dedicated group of workers, including dockworkers, clerks, and other essential personnel in the maritime industry.

WHEREAS, ILWU Local 19, representing the rights and interests of workers in our community, hereby submits a resolution in full support of the City of Seattle Resolution 32097. A resolution endorsing strategies to improve the movement of people and goods in Seattle’s industrial and maritime areas.

WHEREAS, We recognize the unique position held by the Seattle Freight Advisory Board (SFAB), which serves as a vital advocate for the often-unseen human element behind the freight industry. While the movement of freight goes largely unnoticed in our daily lives, it is the backbone of our society, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of essential goods to our homes and businesses. The SFAB stands as the human voice for freight, tirelessly championing the cause of safe, environmentally responsible, and efficient freight movement, all while striving to minimize its impact on our community.

WHEREAS, This resolution plays a pivotal role in addressing the current and future freight needs within our Manufacturing Industrial Centers (MICs) while prioritizing safety for all modes of transportation, particularly pedestrians, who coexist with the bustling freight activity within these areas.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that ILWU 19 will support the following actions under said resolution: 

  • Thorough Impact Analysis: A commitment to evaluating plans and projects with a focus on their effects on all transportation modes, giving due consideration to the crucial role of freight.
  • Continued Advocacy for Light Rail Expansion: Unwavering support for the expansion of light rail, including the development of a Ballard tunnel, a development that holds great promise for enhancing transportation options and furthering the interests of workers and the freight industry alike.
  • Transparency Through Annual Reporting: A pledge to report annually on non-industrial developments within the MICs, ensuring transparency and awareness of potential impacts on the efficient flow of freight.
  • Safety-Driven Permit Review: A commitment to incorporating safety assessments into permit reviews, a crucial step in ensuring the safety of all involved in the freight transportation process.
  • Increased Investment in Pavement Maintenance: Recognizing the importance of well-maintained infrastructure, Resolution 32097 seeks to increase funding for pavement maintenance. This move directly benefits the seamless movement of freight within our city.
  • Vision Zero Initiatives in Industrial Areas: The implementation of Vision Zero projects in industrial areas underscores the commitment to safety and accident reduction.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, The successful adoption of Resolution 32097 is not only vital but also intrinsic to safeguarding the reliable, safe, and efficient transportation of freight within our city. This, in turn, is essential for the welfare of our community and the livelihoods of the workers we represent.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, ILWU Local 19 hereby respectfully requests the endorsement and support of the MLK Labor Executive Board for the City of Seattle Resolution 32097.

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