April 16, 2020

Resolution in Support of Warehouse Workers During the Coronavirus Pandemic


WHEREAS, first responders and health care workers are saving the lives of thousands of Americans across this country every day; and

WHEREAS, essential workers on the front lines of this crisis will be able to do their best if nonessential workers stay home; and

WHEREAS, there are millions of American workers who are not able to stay home because they are essential to all of us surviving this crisis; and

WHEREAS, tens of thousands of these workers go to work every day here in King County in warehouses; and

WHEREAS, these workers make sure we keep food on our tables and our grocery stores stocked; and

WHEREAS, those workers are doing their very best day in and day out to maintain their health and safety to protect themselves, their co-workers and their families despite significant overtime and short staffing; and 

WHEREAS, warehouse workers who are Union members have warehouse industry-leading jobs for wages and benefits; and

WHEREAS, warehouse workers who work with high road employers have received different forms (i.e. gift cards, bonuses or additional hourly increases) of additional compensation in recognition of the effect of the pandemic on this industry;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that MLK Labor work to advocate for warehouse workers in the ongoing effort to protect jobs with good wages and benefits here in King County.

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