Resolution on Amazon and Elections

October 22, 2020

Resolution In Support of Paid Day Off to Vote for Amazon’s 600,000 US Workers


WHEREAS, Amazon employs over 600,000 workers in the United States including tens of thousands in multiple “swing states”. Amazon’s US workforce is approximately 70% workers of color.  These workers deserve to have a say in our democracy!

WHEREAS, Voters in numerous states face barriers to voting including long waits, limited polling locations, various racist and sexist efforts to suppress BIPOC and women voters, as well as COVID-19-related problems.

WHEREAS, Over 6500 Amazon employees have signed on to demand that Amazon make election day a paid day off for its entire US workforce.

WHEREAS, Over 1300 companies are offering some form of paid time off for workers to vote including many of Amazon’s peer companies in the tech and retail sectors.

WHEREAS, Amazon Employees for Climate Justice is the tech worker organization which organized thousands of tech workers to walk out during the Global Climate Strike in 2019. They, along with organized Black warehouse workers have requested help from community allies. They are asking allies to take action at Amazon warehouses on Halloween, October 31st, 2020, to show Amazon that the community supports Amazon workers getting paid time off to vote.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we stand in solidarity with Amazon employees who demand that Amazon make election day a paid day off and will encourage participation in Halloween actions at Amazon warehouses.

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