Resolution in Support of Airport Service Workers and Good Jobs for Good Airports Act

October 20, 2022

WHEREAS, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) is a critical publicly-funded infrastructure that is essential for driving the economy of our state and region. And where Sea-Tac airport service workers help people connect and power our global economy; and,

WHEREAS, Sea-Tac airport service workers — a largely Black, brown, multiracial, and immigrant workforce — serve on the frontlines of our national aviation system. These workers including cleaners, wheelchair agents, baggage handlers, concessionaires, and security personnel keep airports safe and running smoothly even through a global pandemic, climate disasters, and busy travel seasons. Yet are underpaid and under-protected.

WHEREAS, baggage handlers, fuelers, cabin cleaners, passenger assistants, food service, and other service workers who support airlines and airports no longer enjoy the historically set standard of family wage jobs that allowed workers to raise families, live comfortably, and retire with dignity, due in large part to airline corporations undermining working people of all races and suppressing wages while prioritizing enormous profits for shareholders; and

WHEREAS, nationally airports receive billions in federal funding every year to operate and Sea-Tac airport service workers believe that airlines have a responsibility to use public resources to serve the public good, which means ensuring good jobs and benefits for every worker; and,

WHEREAS, Preparedness for another inevitable emergency impacting air travel and airports is necessary and begins with building a highly trained workforce with good wages and benefits to protect airport workers, the traveling public, and our economy; and

WHEREAS, while a growing number of states, localities, and airport authorities have adopted wage and benefits standards applicable to airport service workers, there are a number of major airports for which there is no minimum standard other than the federal minimum wage; and,

WHEREAS, Sea-Tac airport service workers are joining together to demand every airport worker has a voice on the job through a union, wages that let them support their families, critical support like paid leave and affordable healthcare, and manageable schedules. All of this is vital to balance the air travel industry and make it work better for everyone— passengers and workers alike; and,

WHEREAS, the proposed Good Jobs for Good Airports Act (S. 4419 / H.R. 8105) will set national wage and benefits levels for airport service workers at major airports that receive federal funding, ensuring every airport job is a good job that aims to put workers on a path to a liveable wage; and,

WHEREAS, the airport service workers at Sea-Tac and King County would benefit from the adoption of a national minimum wage and benefit standards; 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that MLK Labor urges Washington congressional delegation to support the Good Jobs for Good Airports Act; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that MLK Labor proudly stands with airport service workers calling for the passage of Good Jobs for Good Airports and quality, affordable healthcare for all airport workers; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, MLK Labor will forward this resolution to the AFL-CIO for adoption.

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