Resolution in Support MightyKidz Workers

August 17, 2022

WHEREAS, high-quality early learning with stable teachers allows children to develop long-term relationships with caregivers, setting them up for success in school and beyond; and

WHEREAS, prior to the pandemic, Seattle families faced long waits and prohibitive costs for child care, and the pandemic has only worsened these conditions; and

WHEREAS, an abundant and accessible child care system supports our city and larger economy, allowing parents to go to work or enter the workforce, secure in the knowledge that their children are in a safe and stimulating learning environment during the day; and

WHEREAS, despite the critical services they provide, child care providers and teachers have historically had their work undervalued, with low wages and a lack of benefits leading to challenges with recruitment and retention; and

WHEREAS, as a result of these factors, teachers at MightyKidz in Magnolia, Seattle, acted collectively to form the Magnolia Childcare Union and address issues with management such as low wages, child safety, teacher training, staffing ratios inadequate to meet state requirements, and missing legally mandated meal and rest breaks; and

WHEREAS, rather than respecting the right of the workers to take collective action and acting in good faith to address their urgent concerns, MightyKidz management chose instead to fire ten teachers, hurting their financial stability, increasing the workload on remaining teachers, and negatively impacting the ongoing learning of the children enrolled at MightyKidz; and

WHEREAS, management at MightyKidz has refused to meet with workers to discuss reinstatement except in a one-on-one setting, refused to recognize the rights of workers to organize free of harassment, intimidation, and retaliation, surveilled a rally in support of the fired teachers, tried to force teachers into one-on-one meetings by withholding direct deposit payments and trying to deliver checks by hand, are having individual captive audience meetings with teachers who are still employed, and have now announced they will be hiring replacements for the fired workers:

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, MLK Labor stands in solidarity with all workers at MightyKidz and reaffirms their unquestioned right to form a union and engage in protected concerted activity free of harassment, retaliation, or intimidation.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, MLK Labor demands that MightyKidz management immediately reinstate all ten fired workers, make them whole for lost wages, immediately reinstate their healthcare, retain the announced wage increases and make them retroactive to last Monday (8/8/22), voluntarily recognize the union that they are forming with SEIU 925, cease and desist all harassment, retaliation, and intimidation of teachers, and negotiate in good faith to resolve the very serious concerns that the MightyKidz teachers are organizing to resolve.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, MLK Labor will invite affiliate unions and affinity groups to future actions and efforts to support these workers.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, MLK Labor will forward a copy of this resolution to MightyKidz management.

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