King County Voters Choose Progress Over Division

November 7, 2018

Contact: Charles Lapham, MLK Labor Communications Director
503-713-3032, Charles@MLKLabor.org

King County Voters Choose Progress Over Division

The following statement was issued by MLK Labor Executive Secretary-Treasurer Nicole Grant on the 2018 midterm election results:

“Across King County, working families chose progress over the politics of division and racism coming from the Trump White House. The progressive victories up and down the ballot only happened because of the historic turnout and activism of working-class voters.”

“Over the past several months, union members in King County volunteered thousands of hours knocking on doors and talking to their neighbors about voting. Their passion and dedication drove these extraordinary victories.”

“Union members know that when working people join together, we have the power to drive incredible change. Our 2018 political program was an enormous group effort, and we thank everyone who helped to move our country toward a brighter future. We are proud to have done our part to pass Seattle’s historic Prop 1 and elect pro-worker candidates like Dr. Kim Schrier, Pramila Jayapal, Adam Smith, Bill Ramos, Lisa Callan, Debra Entenman, and more.”

“If we’ve seen anything over the past two elections, it’s that working people are on the rise in King County. We are taking the energy and momentum that powered these victories and building a grassroots movement to elect pro-worker candidates across King County in 2019.”

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