Resolution in Support of Starbucks Workers

April 21, 2022

WHEREAS, All workers need to make a decent, family-supporting wage regardless of what kind of work they do, together with full coverage health insurance, paid time off and a predictable schedule that allows them to plan the rest of their lives; and,

WHEREAS, Union representation is the best way to secure these things, therefore all workers deserve to have a union; and,

WHEREAS, Starbucks Workers United has filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board alleging that Starbucks has been cutting workers’ hours nationwide in a deliberate union-busting campaign; and,

WHEREAS, Starbucks workers have workplace organizing campaigns and are organizing in more than 200 corporate stores across 30 states, including Washington; and have voted to unionize at 21 different Starbucks locations – including the Broadway & Denny Starbucks in Seattle, and more elections scheduled for April and May 2022; and,

WHEREAS, MLK Labor has stood in solidarity with organizing Starbucks workers, including by convening MLK Labor affiliate unions who currently represent workers at Starbucks and in the Starbucks supply chain and following their lead to develop a local strategy to build and sustain power for current and aspiring union members at Starbucks, passing a resolution in January 2022,  mobilizing delegates to attend rallies on January 25 and February 15, organizing the nation’s first “Sip In,” at the flagship roastery on Capitol Hill on February 17 and amplifying local organizing on MLK Labor social media; and,

WHEREAS, The wave of organizing at Starbucks corporate stores now sweeping the country is an inspiring part of the broader movement to rebuild a fighting labor movement that is needed to reshape working people’s lives so that we can truthfully say that we work to live instead of living just to work.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That MLK Labor endorses and will mobilize our members to attend the Solidarity with Starbucks Workers Rally, April 23rd, at 1 PM, Cal Anderson Park, Seattle, making use of phone banking, mass emails, text messages, social media platforms, workplace flyers, and other available tools; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That MLK Labor will encourage all affiliate unions and delegates to make donations to the Pacific Northwest Starbucks Workers United Fund (GoFundMe – https://gofund.me/1831074d) to directly aid these local workers in their courageous organizing efforts and call on other unions to do the same; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That when Starbucks workers organize a National Day of Action, MLK Labor will mobilize our members and community supporters in solidarity, including demonstrations and walk-ins at targeted stores; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, That MLK Labor demands that any elected representatives who accept Union funding shall move and pass resolutions at the city, county, state, and national level, calling on Starbucks Corporation to cease its union-busting activities and recognize the union immediately at every store whose employees request it, based on card check recognition.

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