Resolution on Affiliates in Arrears

February 16, 2023

WHEREAS, MLK Labor is an affiliate organization representing those affiliates with members working in King County, Washington; and

WHEREAS, local Union affiliates pay monthly, by the 25th of the month, (or annually in case of organizations that are not local Unions) a per capita amount based on the previous month’s membership, which entitles the affiliate to a proportionate amount of delegates to this Council; and 

WHEREAS, consistent with Article IX, Section 4, all affiliates, with the exception of those paid one month or more in advance, receive an invoice by the 25th, from the Secretary-Treasurer for any amount due and owing. This invoice apprises the affiliate of their status, with instructions for how to get in touch with the Council to make payment arrangements, and,

WHEREAS, the vast majority of affiliates pay on time and without issue by the 25th of the month; and

WHEREAS, consistent with Article IX, Section 3, if a local Union is unable to pay due to financial hardship, they may request dispensation for up to six months, and

WHEREAS, since approximately 2015, in order to not waste valuable meeting time, the leadership of this Council has chosen to handle this function administratively and directly with affected affiliates who, in most cases, through no fault of their own or for unforeseen circumstances, have allowed their affiliation to enter into arrears; and

WHEREAS, the Constitution of this Council provides little clarity on how or when an affiliate in arrears should be suspended from the council, what suspension means for the delegates obligated by said affiliate to the Council, and 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, to provide this clarity, the Board hereby makes the following recommendation:

  • Any affiliate in arrears for more than two (2) consecutive months shall be immediately suspended from this Council and shall remain suspended until said affiliate pays all revenue due and owing to the council in arrears as well as payment for the current month
  • Any delegate representing the affiliate shall also be suspended from voting and participation in other activities of the Council by way of their status as a delegate
  • This resolution shall constitute the Board and Council “recommendation” in Article IX, Section 4 for any affiliate in arrears moving forward, except for those requesting dispensation from per capita payments.

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