2018 MLK Labor Endorsements

June 13, 2018

2018 MLK Labor Candidate Endorsements

Seattle Municipal Court

Ed McKenna
Seattle Municipal Court Pos 1

Andrea Chin
Seattle Municipal Court Pos 2

Adam Eisenberg
Seattle Municipal Court Pos 3

Anita Crawford-Willis
Seattle Municipal Court Pos 4

King County District Court

Marcus Naylor
King County District Court NE Division Pos 1

Ketu Shah
King County District Court NE Division Pos 2

Jason Poydras
King County District Court SE Division Pos 1

Rhonda Laumann
King County District Court SE Division Pos 6

Lisa Paglisotti
King County District Court West Division Pos 1

Gregg Hirakawa
King County District Court West Division Pos 4

Joe Campagna
King County District Court Shoreline Division Pos 1


State and Federal Endorsements made by the Washington State Labor Council.

This is a selected list of WSLC endorsements for races relevant to King County voters. Click here for a full list of WSLC endorsements.


Maria Cantwell
U.S. Senate

Suzan DelBene
1st Congressional District

 Pramila Jayapal
7th Congressional District

Kim Schrier
8th Congressional District

Adam Smith
9th Congressional District


State Supreme Court, Pos. 2 — Susan Owens

State Supreme Court, Pos. 8 — Steve Gonzalez

State Supreme Court, Pos. 9 — Sheryl Gordon McCloud


LD 1-House 1 — Derek Stanford

LD 1-House 2 — Shelley Kloba

LD 5-House 1 — Bill Ramos

LD 5-House 2 — Lisa Callan

LD 11-House 1 — Zack Hudgins

LD 11-House 2 — Steven Bergquist

LD 30-House 1 — Mike Pellicciotti

LD 30-House 2 — Kristine Reeves

LD 31-House 1 — Victoria Mena

LD 32-Senate — Maralyn Chase

LD 32-House 1 — Cindy Ryu

LD 32-House 2 — Christopher Roberts

LD 33-Senate — Karen Keiser

LD 33-House 1 — Tina Orwall

LD 33-House 2 — Mia Gregerson

LD 34-Senate — Shannon Braddock

LD 34-House 1 — Eileen Cody

LD 34-House 2 — Joe Fitzgibbon

LD 36-Senate —Reuven Carlyle

LD 36-House 1 — Noel Frame

LD 36-House 2 — Gael Tarleton

LD 37-Senate — Rebecca Saldaña

LD 37-House 1 — Sharon Tomiko Santos

LD 37-House 2 — Eric Pettigrew

LD 39-Senate — Claus Joens

LD 39-House 1 — Ivan Lewis

LD 39-House 2 — Eric Halvorson

LD 41-House 1 — Tana Senn

LD 41-House 2 — My-Linh Thai

LD 43-Senate — Jamie Pedersen

LD 43-House 1 — Nicole Macri

LD 43-House 2 — Frank Chopp

LD 45-Senate — Manka Dhingra

LD 45-House 1 — Roger Goodman

LD 46-Senate — David Frockt

LD 46-House 1 — Gerry Pollet

LD 46-House 2 — Javier Valdez

LD 47-Senate — Mona Das

LD 47-House 1 — Debra Entenmann

LD 47-House 2 — Pat Sullivan

LD 48-Senate — Patty Kuderer

LD 48-House 1 — Vandana Slatter

LD 48-House 2 — Amy Walen

Ballot Measures

SUPPORT Initiative 970

SUPPORT Seattle Proposition 1

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