She stood with us.
Now we're standing with her.

More than 20 unions have endorsed Lorena González for Seattle Mayor because she will fight to make Seattle a better place to live and work.

Join other union members by voting for Lorena González by November 2!

Over 100 Union Women are Supporting Lorena

Why are over 20 unions supporting Lorena González for Mayor?

Lorena González has the experience and vision to lead Seattle as a city where all people can live, work, and raise a family.

She was born into a family of migrant farmworkers in Central Washington and earned her first paycheck at age 8 working in the fields. Although she rose to become a civil rights attorney and President of the Seattle City Council, she has never forgotten where she came from.

She is a proven friend to Seattle’s working families and someone we can trust to be our next Mayor.

Lorena is endorsed by:

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Lorena has stood with working families on the issues that matter.

Affordable Child Care

COVID has shown the importance of affordable and quality child care. Unfortunately, many families are unable to find a child care provider who meets their needs. Lorena supported Jumpstart Seattle, which helped child care providers weather the COVID storm so that their doors were open when parents went back to work.

Helping Essential Workers

Lorena was a leader on the Seattle City Council in passing an ordinance to give frontline grocery workers $4 per hour in Hazard Pay during the depth of the COVID pandemic. Her support for essential workers is a key reason that Washington's largest grocery worker union has endorsed Lorena.

Protecting Hotel Workers

Lorena was the first elected official to endorse I-124 which required panic buttons, workload protections, and health care for hotel workers. When the hotel industry held the law up in court, she passed the law through city council to ensure these protections.

Secure Scheduling

Lorena co-sponsored a secure scheduling ordinance that gave thousands of workers in Seattle more predictable schedules and more hours. Secure scheduling has resulted in multiple settlements with millions dollars paid to workers.

Gig Worker Rights

The first vote Lorena took at City Council was to give organizing rights to Uber and Lyft drivers. This laid the groundwork for passing the Fare Share plan in 2020 which set the highest minimum wage in the country for these workers.

Funding Housing and Transit

Lorena has consistency fought to make Seattle a more affordable place for working families to live and work. She has helped secure millions in revenue from big business to fund affordable housing and improved public transportation which benefits us all.

Vote for Lorena by November 2!

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Your fellow union members have interviewed dozens of candidates and endorsed proven champions for working familes.

Seattle Mayor – Lorena González

Seattle City Council Position 8 – Teresa Mosqueda

Seattle City Council Position 9 – Nikkita Oliver

Seattle City Attorney – Nicole Thomas-Kennedy

King County Executive – Dow Constantine

Port of Seattle Position 1 – Ryan Calkins

Port of Seattle Position 3 – Hamdi Mohamed

Port of Seattle Position 4 – Toshiko Hasegawa

Seattle School Board District 4 – Vivian Song Maritz

Seattle School Board District 5 – Michelle Sarju

OPPOSE Dan Harder, Seattle School Board, District 5

Seattle School Board District 7 – Brandon K Hersey

You can read all MLK Labor endorsements. at MLKLabor.org/endorsements

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