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Laborers 242

A union for Climate Pledge Arena workers.

Forming a union for security & conversion workers at the arena will ensure you have a say in your working conditions: that you can make improvements that are important to you at work.

Many of your co-workers have already affirmed their support for forming a union with Laborers 242. Are you ready to join together to fight for better working conditions?

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Security & Conversion employees at the former Key Arena were previously well represented by Laborers 242. Today, your co-workers want to continue having a union that provides a strong collective voice in the workplace. That’s how you can make sure what was great about working at Key Arena remains and improvements important to you can be made.

Here’s what we’re hearing your co-workers want to maintain or improve about their job at Climate Pledge Arena:

Family Wages

Your co-workers have told us they want to ensure guest services work will be fairly compensated, recognizing the value you bring to the safe operations at the Arena. With a union, you can ensure that, while also negotiating for wage improvements.

Flexible Schedules

Workers have explained that they appreciate the flexible nature of security & conversion work. With a union, you can ensure that what you like about this job's flexibility does not change, while also having a voice in the scheduling improvements you want to see.

Benefits & Perks

Workers have been giving voice to their goal of keeping and improving benefits that came with this job at the former Key Arena. Forming a union is how you can make sure of that. You will also be able to negotiate for more perks that have been brought up like transportation reimbursements

What your co-workers and Laborers 242 members say...

Many of your co-workers were former Laborers 242 members at Key Arena. They know being part of a union makes a real difference at work. This is what they and other union members say:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions workers often have about joining a union:

A union is an organized group of workers who unite to have a voice on the job and have a say in their working conditions. Being part of a union gives workers the right to negotiate for workplace improvements as a group with their employer, in the form of a union contract. Once a contract has been negotiated and democratically voted in by the membership, it is also a union’s role to enforce it. Unions empower workers, defend their rights and keep employers accountable.

Unions are democratic non-profit organizations with leaders elected by the membership every few years. They are governed by clear constitutions, bylaws and other rules that are accessible to and changeable by the membership at regularly held conventions or meetings.

Ultimately, unions begin with workers. There are millions of union members in the United States, who know that by standing together they can achieve greater things than on their own.

Laborers 242 (also known as LiUNA) members work in the public/construction industry in the Greater Seattle area.

Local 242 is an affiliate of LIUNA—the Laborers’ International Union of North America—the most progressive, aggressive and fastest-growing union of construction workers. LIUNA is one of the most diverse and effective unions in America. LIUNA members are united through collective bargaining agreements, which help us earn family-supporting pay, good benefits, and the opportunity for advancement and better lives.

Local 242 used to represent security & conversion crew workers at the former Key Arena. They also represent similar professions in other venues. This makes Laborers 242 the perfect union to build power with employees in guest services at the arena. You can learn more about Local 242 at laborerslocal242.com

When you and your co-workers come together to form a union, you can protect and improve your wages, benefits and working conditions. Some of the benefits of forming a union include:

  • A voice at work: Unionized workers have a say about their working conditions and can negotiate improvements.
  • Enforceable contract: Union members have a legal contract that protects their wages, benefits and conditions at work.
  • Accountability: Workers in a union have access to formal procedures and resources to dispute unfair treatment.​
  • Collective power: There’s strength in numbers. Unions level the playing field, providing workers with an equal voice to management.

There is value in having a collective voice at work, and the data proves it. Studies have shown that workers in a union are more likely to benefit from:

  • higher wages (11.2% more than what nonunion workers make)
  • employer-provided health insurance (94% compared to 68%)
  • access to paid sick days (91% compared to 73%);
  • retirement benefits through private employers (82% to 48%); and
  • guaranteed pensions through private employers (54% to 8%).

The union advantage is even greater for people of color, women, immigrants, and others who have confronted workplace discrimination. A union contract provides an assurance that all workers will be treated fairly at work.

Securing what you have today into a legally binding contract ensures that what you like about your job stays that way even if there is a change of management and even ownership. This is specially relevant for workers who used to work at Key Arena and are now seeking to return to Climate Pledge Arena, Belonging to a union also creates a support network: Stewards, union representatives, negotiators and lawyers will be there to ensure your fair treatment at work, always.

Workers wanting to form a union have legal rights and protections under the National Labor Relations Act. Because Climate Pledge Arena management has committed to remain neutral and respect the rights of their employees to form a union, arena workers have the huge advantage of following a fair and simple process known as “card check” to become unionized. Through this process, a union is automatically approved after a majority of workers sign cards saying they want a union. Signing a card is easy and confidential, you can even do it online here. Whether you are ready to sign a card or not, we encourage you to get in touch to strategize and talk about next steps with a union organizer.

Absolutely. The National Labor Relations Act protects the rights of employees to form a union. It is ilegal to fire, threaten or discriminate against a worker for their support of a union. What is more, Climate Pledge Arena management has a relationship with a number of Seattle-area unions. They have committed to respect the legal right of their employees to unionize if they choose to do so.

There is no cost to join until you vote in your first collective agreement. Once you start benefiting from your new contract, your dues will be no more than a small percentage of your earnings. Due rates vary per job type – we encourage you to get in touch with us to find out more about your specific union dues rate. Since unions are non-profit organizations, you can be sure everything you invest in your union is spent back in union members. The voice at work, rights and benefits that come with unionization are well worth the small cost associated with joining!

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