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A union for Climate Pledge Arena workers.

Forming a union at your workplace will ensure you have a say in your working conditions: that you can make improvements that are important to you at work.

No matter what type of work you do at Climate Pledge, there is a union for you!

Interested in joining a union?

Let us help you get connected to the right union to find out more. All information you share with us is kept 100% confidential.

Unions are about workers coming together to have a voice on the job. You set the priorities and improvements you want to see made at work, we help you make them happen. Together, we can raise the standards at your workplace and make what you like about your job even better.



Unions at your workplace

Climate Pledge Arena has a relationship with a number of Seattle-area unions. You and your co-workers have a legally protected right to form a union at your workplace. These are some of the unions that represent or are seeking to represent workers at Climate Pledge:

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